Providing future fashion trends and insights to manufacturers

What do we do?

Fashion Predictions is a bridging mechanism between a current fashion trend and manufacturer. We provide manufacturer a real-time dashboard of trending products which can be sorted/viewed/downloaded in an easy to understand format and be used to create a product range in line of the current trend

Why we do what we do?

A manufacturer is mostly not clear on what should their next season product line be for a specific customer or the market. Research involves travels and huge cost however despite this; the end output is solely dependent on an individual’s interpretation of what is seen at high streets and/or apparel fair. Our algorithm decodes photos and hashtags from Instagram/Pinterest/Twitter/Facebook and populates the web data in a basic matrix format and presents a user-friendly visual matrix of the most recent and current global trends. This way the manufacturer can have a dashboard view of what’s trending on global portals and e-commerce sites – Fashion Predictions cuts down the need of physical presence for the manufacturer

How we do it?

Fashion Predictions scan through hundreds of websites / social media portals and capture the most viewed and talked about trends, product line, and brands. Unlike other Business and Marketing intelligence applications which are dependent on the historical database, Fashion Predictions search engine focuses on the current trend and puts forward the most common scenario and/or the product line using the law of highest common factor


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